Livewel offers its corporate clientele with a bouquet of services that is not only aimed at passenger comfort but also ensures the maintenance of the aircraft. Chartered Aircraft companies are also able to avail our expertise in maintaining their aircrafts. Livewel Aircraft Maintenance division works closely with the Corporate Services business to provide an all-inclusive assortment of service.

Our Corporate Aviation Division has the capability to provide the following services:

Passenger Handling
Our experience with Commercial airlines gives us the capability to provide personalized and hospitable meet & greet service along with check-in assistance for your business travelers.
Cargo Handling
Our cargo handling equipment and team will ascertain proper loading and unloading of any cargo or baggage as required.
Cabin Cleaning
With one of the largest fleet of aircraft cleaning professionals, we ensure the corporate jets have well cleaned interiors along with exteriors.
Airport Charges Assistance
For corporate fleet, airport formalities and charges can be a time-consuming task. We are able to step in and provide assistance so that you can focus on your flights while we do all the leg work.
MET Folder & Briefing
Weather reports and briefings are of critical importance. Pilots need to have up-to-date weather information and briefed properly to make them aware of the flying conditions. Livewel Corporate services staff has the ability to conduct such briefings and provide latest time MET inputs.
ATC Plan Filling
Our team also assists our corporate jet crew with ATC flight plan filings as a part of our efforts to provide you with more convenience.
Customs, Immigration & Quarantine (CIQ) Assistance
International travel requires CIQ clearance and our staff has the proficiency to offer our business travelers and corporate flight crew with the necessary assistance to avail the clearance without undue delays.
Intra-Airport Transportation
We understand that corporate travel is all about saving time. Our intra-airport shuttles provide guests with the convenience of quick and comfortable movement to and fro the jet and the airport.
Sanitation Services
Our corporate services crew offers hygiene and sanitation service including lavatory drainage, water cartage among others.
Pushback Services
We offer Aircraft marshalling services by means of Pushback tractors, flagging the aircraft for taxiing or parking and other related services.

Through our Aircraft Maintenance division we also provide:

  • Cabin Interior Maintenance: Our engineering staff provides maintenance and technical support as per industry standards and regulations.
  • Soft Furnishing Dry Cleaning & Laundry services: Livewel has setup dedicated in-house dry cleaning equipment for superior quality cleaning and washing services to maintain the aesthetics of cabin interiors