Livewel Group has imbibed the principles of service culture whereby believing in service without expectations. Besides being a corporate enterprise, Livewel Group has since its origins, explored avenues to give back to society. Our values inspired through the actions of our esteemed Chairman, guides us to become a responsible company in every way.

Enhancing the way of life
Livewel has been touching the lives of over 15000 people at our workplace and through them thousands more, making a difference by creating opportunities to grow and explore. Our business groups are highly people oriented units thus creating jobs for thousands of staff across the world. We believe that this is an immense responsibility as we understand the large number of families dependent on us; making it our solemn duty to be a caring employer.

Go Green
Livewel Group has been keeping the city of Mumbai green for more than two decades by maintaining public gardens & spaces. Our commitment to a greener environment has earned us several state and central recognitions which we cherish more than other business achievements. We want to give our future generations a greener city and prove that growth can co-exist with nature.

Educating a generation
Our foray into education was motivated by the industry’s need for well-trained individuals capable of working at world-class companies as highly productive assets. This shortage of skilled professionals has necessitated the need for quality education and industry specific training. Livewel Education has been transforming the careers of talented individuals by offering them the platform to hone their skills and find fulfilling jobs.

Scholarships and Financial Aids
Livewel Education also offers scholarships and financial support to deserving talented students unable to pursue their technical education due to financial issues. Our scholarship programs give such students a fair chance at bettering their lives through specialized training and placement support.